Update Scmupdate

I have been completely neglecting my blog over the past 6 months. I do apologise (to ALL my readers out there! jks hi mum)

Okay 4 things.

1. Did my trip to Europe, loved every minute of it and would solo travel again and again. Good for the mind, body and soul! etc etc. Visited my peeps in Warrington, went on a pub crawl in Camden, got drunk and partied in Brugge, walked through the rain on an art tour in Berlin, visited a church decorated entirely with human bones and played in the snow in beautiful Prague. I really do love Europe, was definitely born in the wrong hemisphere!

2. Saw two of my beautiful friends get married in none other than amazing New York City, couldn’t be happier for them both! Did some sightseeing while I was there! Climbed to the top of the Empire State Building, strolled through Central Park, snacked on cream cheese bagels (they’re to die for, I’m craving one right now), made friends with a squirrel, watched a broadway musical and shopped till I dropped!

And on a side note.. as of Last week not only New York but the whole of the US has legalised gay marriage. C’mon Australia, step up your game, you’re an embarrassment!

3. I have moved into a new apartment, just 5 mins from work. My housemate is lovely and the apartment is huge and I love it. Apart from it being at least minus 5 degrees most days, but hey who needs fingers and toes anyway.

4. And last but not least… Job Update! yaaaaaay!

Just started my 7th month with Flight Centre, we celebrated the End Of Financial Year with a fancy ball, all the girls in the store got dolled up, we hired a limo (p.s. I never want to drive in a regular car again) and everyone had a few drinks and danced(slut dropped) all night and we all had a ball! (pun intended)

till next time xxx


Officially a Flighty

coffee mapAfter 3 long stressful weeks of training I finally graduated a flighty. I’m now working for Flight Centre and have made it through 6 weeks in store and going pretty well with it actually!

I’ve always loved travelling and talking about travel and now it’s part of my job. It’s not an easy job and can be extremely stressful at times, but I get to talk about what I love and find out more about the world every day. My team is awesome and I’m finally working close to home.

The downside has to be my travel bucket list just keeps on getting longer. Iceland, Peru, Nepal, Hawaii, Tanzania, I wanna do it all! There’s not enough annual leave in a year!

My next trip is currently in the planning stage. Brugge, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest 🙂 🙂

Take me back to Scotland

True to my wish, I’m seeing as much of the UK as I can before I head home! Scotland in one word… AMAZING!

Jack and I caught an early train up to Glasgow and spent the day looking around the city and trekked it to the Trossachs National Park to look at the second biggest lake in Scotland – Loch Lomond. We took packed lunches and sat in the national park with an awesome view of the lake. We (well more me than Jack) decided to go for a little (massive) bush walk up the side of a mountain to get a good view of the lake. Tiring but definitely worth it, and even stopped to get a “wee” ice cream on the way back.

The next 2 days were spent exploring Edinburgh. I LOVED Edinburgh. I think this is probably the only other city I’ve been to, apart from Sydney that I could live in. Don’t know about the usual Scottish weather but it was beautiful while we were there! Our hostel was awesome, right outside Edinburgh castle. The Princes Gardens, the Royal Mile, the Castle, the climb up to the top of Arthurs Seat – it was all great. I wish I could have spent more time there.

Next stop Lakes District! Bring it on xx


“on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond”


Glasgow Necropolis and Cathedral


The Scott Monument built in memory of Sir Walter Scott the poet


Princes gardens and view of the Castle

After climbing to the top of Arthurs seat - absolutely amazing view!

After climbing to the top of Arthurs seat – absolutely amazing view!


Hands down one of the best holidays I’ve been on.

Who wouldn’t love spending 10 days with your better half lounging by the beach, working on your tan with all inclusive food and drinks and the occasional spa treatment or boat ride to islands such as the aptly named “Paradise Island”. Count me in!

Based in a resort in Hurghada by the Red Sea, days were spent by the pool or the beach and nights were spent venturing into town and trying not to get persuaded to buy Souvenirs (which might I add we were terrible at!). Generally it was too hot to do much during the day that didn’t involve submerging yourself in water! But 2 out of the 10 days we decided to commit ourselves to doing a bit of the run-of-the-mill touristy things. Which I don’t regret one bit!

First day trip to Luxor to see Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings and the second day trip to Cairo to see the Cairo museum, the Great Sphinx and of course the Pyramids.

Despite the fact that these two trips ranged from a 15 hour to a 22 hour day, I wouldn’t change it for the world! I got to see actual mummies, take a trip down the Nile, check out Tutankhamun’s treasures and climb under a pyramid! Booyah! Take me back!


Jack checking out the view from our balcony on our first day


The bluest water I have ever seen!


Nile cruise with my lover


the Pyramid of Chefren (my fav pic!)


You know… just chilling with the Sphynx by the Pyramids


I had to!

Willkommen Zum Oktoberfest!

Making my way through my bucket list! Latest stop: Munich, Germany.

After 3 hrs sleep, the quickest bag packing ever, 2 trains, 1 flight, a quick stop to pick up Emily, 2 more trains and a busride, I arrive at Campingplatz Obermenzing, my new home for the next 3 nights.

So what’s the first thing to do when ur sleepy, really cold and have been travelling all day? Get drunk! (obviously). Not a huge night but big enough considering we were getting up 5 the next day :/ After trying as many different beers as we could we called it a night, well most of us did. I however, went to charge my phone at the giant 100 socket power board.. My options being 1. Leave the phone with a bunch of strangers, go to bed and get some much needed sleep, and quite possibly never see my phone again or 2. Stay with the phone, sit with the strangers and wait for it to slowly charge. I chose Option number 2, because of underlying trust issues. But hey I met a lot of people, a fair few from Oz, a couple from the UK and Germany and a bunch of insane Scottish boys where most of the conversation consisted of me going… “What? Say it again.. only slower“. At around 1:30am I called it a night after the Scottish boys found their long lost mate who greeted them by punching one guy in the face and tackling another knocking over a bunch of chairs. 82% was enough charge anyway.

Now I’m not exaggerating here… but this night was the coldest I have ever been in my entire life. Dressed in trackies, socks, 2 shirts, a jumper, and a scarf, wrapped in a sleeping bag, curled up in a little ball while trying to breathe hot air into my sleeping bag to warm myself up. I laid there shivering wishing I had taken up that offer on an extra blanket for 3 Euros until 5am hit and my alarm went off for breakfast. Oh god, no sleep. It’s gonna be a long day.

I get up, shower to warm myself the f*ck up and get ready for breakfast. It’s still dark when we get on the bus to Oktoberfest. By the time we get in to the grounds the sun has come up, we get in the line for our beer hall at about 7:30, we line up till 9am, yep, that’s an hour and a half of standing in a line. The doors open and everyone rushes in to get a table. You literally didn’t even have to take a step, just lift ur feet and get dragged in by the stampede. We find a table and beers are there within 5 mins. The fun begins! After about 4 litres of beer, some pretzels, a lot of singing, dancing on the tables, drunken conversations and a bunch of photos with people I don’t remember, we leave the beer hall to go on some rides!

Oktoberfest is essentially a giant Easter Show, but everyones drunk and dressed funny. We meet some interesting people and ate a bunch of super unhealthy German food. I don’t remember everything but we ended up back at the campsite where I stayed up with Ian and Sebastian talking about Canada and Germany and how insanely different they are to Australia. Did you know in Canada they have mist that freezes in the air cause it’s so cold and melts from your body heat when you walk through it, leaving a hollow line where you’ve walked? I don’t care who you are.. that’s awesome! and Sebastian lent me his blanket which meant he was my new favourite person cause I was like 1/2 as freezing that night and actually got some sleep!

The next day I decided to go into the city, see some sights and be a tourist and join the Oktoberfest festivities later. Having no idea what there really is to see in Munich I pretty much just walked around and got a feel for the city. I love getting lost in foreign countries (not even kidding). I found the Hofbrauhaus, a famous german beer hall, visited a toy museum, watched a german church sermon, had lunch in Marienplatz and saw the awesome Town Hall ‘Neues Rathaus‘, climbed the bell tower for a great view over the city, bought some souvenirs and looked around the markets and visited a Schokoladen to buy some yummy stuff for my housemates (and myself). After walking around for the majority of the day, I went back to the beer halls of Oktoberfest to get drunk and eat some more pretzels 🙂 I had some catching up to do so ended up getting quite drunk quite quickly! Decided to catch the 9pm bus back and continue drinking back at the campsite, however by the stage I got back to the campsite I realised I was drunker than I thought and decided passing out was a more appropriate option than continuing to drink. Plus I had another big day of travel the next day, back to Warrington!

Did I mention at some point I put a passcode lock on my phone in my drunken state and couldn’t use it for 2 days because I forgot the password… Yep, that happened. What a spastic.

The weekend was definitely lots of fun, but i’m not ready to do it again any time soon, I’m still paying for it now with a bunch of random bruises, some cuts and a head cold. Plus being at home in my own bed is freakin’ awesome and so WARM! I must be settling in well here coz I felt so relieved once I walked back into my house… apart from that whole spending hours working out how to fix my phone, but after that! so relieved.

Auf Wiedersehen! xx

Campingplatz Obermenzing, my freezing cold home in Munich!

First beers!

so much beer.

I don’t even really like pretzels that much, but I had to get one!

This guys shirt was made from bar towels! Awesome.


Cuckoo clocks! First created over 280 years ago in Southwest Germany

Michaelskirche, the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps

Town Hall or ‘Neues Rathaus’ and Marienplatz from Peterskirche Bell Tower

London we meet again

Seeing as my employment was pushed back a week due to pesky national insurance numbers and induction dates I decided to visit london again while I had the time off. Ahh London I love you!

First day predominantly involved a long ass bus ride (mainly due to my lack of planning in advance and last minute train tickets being super expensive) then straight to the pub for beers, meeting a few new people and catching up with old friends, which was a pretty good indication of how the rest of the weekend would go.

Second day was spent looking at the Camden markets, sitting in the sun drinking beers by the canal, seeing a couple of drug dealers get escorted away by the police and a long discussion on the difference between geese and ducks ha. I’ve been told Camden is the “Newtown” of London.. full of colourful personalities and alternative looking people and every second shop being (my fav) tattoo and piercing parlors! must. resist. tempation. Then after that, we moved onto The World’s End for more drinks – a pub with a highly varied collection of music consisting of heavy metal, punk rock, pop, jazz and blues and an equally varied collection of people. After a few hours of drinking, back home for… wait for it.. more beers! AND Pizza! 😀

Day 3 was mainly reserved for sleeping in and being hungover and then out for coffee in Brixton Markets and shopping in Carnaby Street. Then chilling and watching dvd’s for the rest of the night 🙂

The last day I killed time by walking around London by myself being a tourist and revisiting the main attractions, pretty much just to get some pretty pictures for mah blog 😛 Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the protestors in Parliament Square and then a little stroll across the Westminster Bridge to look at the River Thames and the London Eye. Then Back to Victoria Station for my long bus ride back to Manchester!

London. It’s been fun as always, I hope we meet again soon 😉 x

Camden Markets

Sitting by the Canal is apparently the “in” thing to do in Camden

The World’s End pub

Coffee in Brixton Markets

Carnaby Street shops

Chillin’ out the front of the Buckingham Palace like a loner

Garden’s in front of Buckingham Palace

Big Ben…I know we’ve all seen it before but I couldn’t not take a pic

And lastly! The Thames and the London Eye

It’s official. I’m going to the UK!


YES! Finally it arrived! My visa has been approved! Maybe tonight I’ll be able to sleep!

I’m sad to be leaving my friends and family (and tbh the most beautiful country in the world) but I’m sooooo excited to be going overseas, a new environment, new people, new opportunities and new adventures! 😀 😀 😀

Still lots to do and not much time to do it in! Did my voting this morning, and spent the day with my pop(coolest guy I know) and spent the night getting rid of everything that I own that I won’t be taking with me. Tomorrow dealing with travel insurance, gym memberships, bank accounts.. the list goes on.

8 days left and counting! eeeeeeeeee 😀


Visas, flights and being impatient

Well! My UK Visa Application has been officially sent off. What a stressful endeavour that has been!

After being told that it would help my application to have a letter from my friend in the UK stating where I’m staying and that I have a job to go to (and waiting approx 6 weeks to receive it, with no luck might I add) I’m told by the visa company doing my application for me “actually we’ll just leave that bit out” UGHH! Thank you for not informing me of that originally…

This therefore meant my bank statements were now out of date and I had to go and get new ones. After getting all of that ready, next step was my biometrics appointment (fingerprints and mug shot.. like a true criminal!), which I couldn’t make just yet because drunk sam decided to nearly slice her finger off while making a sandwich… having a cut across the tip of your finger makes it a little difficult to take a proper scan. I’m all about the timing huh! But FINALLY it is all done! So I can put it all behind me and now is the fun part where I wait… not so patiently.. to hear back from the UK Border Agency whether my application has been approved or not! *fingers crossed!*

I did have a Sep 5th flight on hold but I’m thinking I will have to make it a little later! Lucky my good friend Emma works at a travel agency and she’s been helping me out with booking flights and can drop that pesky little deposit fee for me if I do change it!

Fun Fact #347: September 11 flights are the cheapest! Who woulda thunk it! and you wanna know the price of a one way?.. yep you guessed it $911.. are they taking the mickey out of us or what!

End of September is Oktoberfest! so i HAVE to be overseas for that! this is my goal.. and I’m super excited to go! Another one to cross off my Bucket List! 😀

Oktoberfest Beer Wench

pshhh! I can totally do this…

Samantha xx

Whatevsss I’m drunk

Contemplating whether or not to update my blog to a paid blog for more functionality.

Currently trying to add an Instagram Widget without much luck, i just want people to experience my hektikk photography skills *smirk*… WHY IS LIFE SO DIFFICULT! I have resulted in adding it as a Menu item for now.. then maybe MAYBE one day, I will splurge and pay for my blog and get all creative and put my web programming skills into action… we’ll see! I’ll weigh up the pro’s and con’s later… when I sober up. HA!


Living: Parents Place
Visa: Sending next week
UK: Here I come!
Feeling: GREAT

kisses bitches xox

So this is my new favourite word…