Take me home, to a place I belongggg

Ok it’s been one whole year since I packed up and left Sydney along with all my friends and family. I gotta say, I’m proud of myself for actually having the balls to do it, I’ve enjoyed the majority of my time here and the experiences I’ve had but nothing beats home, and I’m starting to realise that more and more each day.

I’ve had to move out of my last place I was living and am now in a share house just outside town. And while I’ve done that before back in Sydney, moved in with complete strangers, I had an awesome time… here, it’s a little different. Here, everyone stays in their rooms, no one watches tv or hangs in the loungeroom, no one has friends over or has a bbq on the weekend or a couple of beers in the backyard. I’m living with 3 guys and apparently that also means no one cleans, no one takes the rubbish out and no one buys anything for the house. I don’t know whether I’m trying to hold on to the Australian lifestyle and it’s just a different ball game over here or my housemates are either highly anti-social or literally just hate me. But it’s not the best place i’ve lived in.. to put it lightly.

My job here has always been just a way to get money (and not much of it). I’ve always been on the lookout for new jobs, something a little more fulfilling, normal hours, I like a bit of routine! Now my job feels like that’s the escape and my home life is the prison (slightly dramatic, but you get the point). I’ve never had that before. I almost feel like if I’m not at work, it’s like.. what am I doing with my life?

My job is great for taking time off, if I wanted to go to Spain for a long weekend. I could get the time off, the joys of casual work! But, turns out – the wages here pretty much give me enough money to pay rent, then maybe buy a family size pack of 2 minute noodles to last me the week. (Again, little dramatic hah) but kinda ruined my plans to travel the world! Just slightly..

Bottom line is, I miss everything. A LOT.  And i’d rather be back in OZ earning enough to travel a couple of times a year then over here, living paycheck to paycheck with not much in between.  I miss home, I miss family, I miss friends, I miss catching the lightrail to work in the mornings, watching the sunset over Anzac bridge , sitting in the botanical gardens for lunch, getting up at 5am for the gym, going out for drinks on Oxford st after work, Thai in Newtown, having a bucket of coronas at Beach Burrito, sitting at Sushi Train in Cronulla, Sunday Soccer and ‘porto’s in the park afterwards, tanning at Darook park on the weekends and getting Grind and walking along the esplanade. I miss it all. Everyday.

Rant over.