Impromptu solo movie night

Had a strange urge to watch a K Stew movie.. found one i’d never heard of, downloaded it, watched it.

Clearly had some sort of impact on me for me to blog about it.. ha :/ so here goes..

Welcome to the Rileys is essentially, about a couple.. who’s daughter died in a car crash when she was 15. They form a strange relationship with a girl they meet and in an obscure way, try to replace their daughter.

The husband is miserable, feeling trapped in an unloving marriage. The wife suffers from severe anxiety and has gotten to the point where she can’t work up the courage to even leave the house. The girl is a stripper and a prostitute who leads a self destructive life full of drugs, sex and self mutilation.

I can’t tell you which one.. but I feel like I could easily end up as 1 of these 3 characters at some point in my life..