Time to GTFO of Sydney

Sometimes you just need to go for it.

“Stop worrying about what could go wrong and start thinking about what could go right”

I’ve decided it’s time. Time to pack up and leave.

I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER. I have nothing keeping me in Sydney. Although I adore the city I grew up in, I have faith that it, and the people I love will always be here for me to come back to.

Car is for sale. Sorting out my VISA. Booking my flights. It’s all happening! Moving half way across the world to the cutest place ever – Warrington, UK.

My soon to be new home…

A small town named Warrington. Midway between Liverpool and Manchester, UK

A small town midway between Liverpool and Manchester, UK

ahh snow! beautiful!

Warrington Town Centre

Warrington Town Centre

Absolutely love it! Looks straight out of a Hugh Grant movie ❤

Sorted a place to stay, a job to start, I have friends there waiting for me… Can’t Wait!

Wish me luck!

Samantha xx