Visas, flights and being impatient

Well! My UK Visa Application has been officially sent off. What a stressful endeavour that has been!

After being told that it would help my application to have a letter from my friend in the UK stating where I’m staying and that I have a job to go to (and waiting approx 6 weeks to receive it, with no luck might I add) I’m told by the visa company doing my application for me “actually we’ll just leave that bit out” UGHH! Thank you for not informing me of that originally…

This therefore meant my bank statements were now out of date and I had to go and get new ones. After getting all of that ready, next step was my biometrics appointment (fingerprints and mug shot.. like a true criminal!), which I couldn’t make just yet because drunk sam decided to nearly slice her finger off while making a sandwich… having a cut across the tip of your finger makes it a little difficult to take a proper scan. I’m all about the timing huh! But FINALLY it is all done! So I can put it all behind me and now is the fun part where I wait… not so patiently.. to hear back from the UK Border Agency whether my application has been approved or not! *fingers crossed!*

I did have a Sep 5th flight on hold but I’m thinking I will have to make it a little later! Lucky my good friend Emma works at a travel agency and she’s been helping me out with booking flights and can drop that pesky little deposit fee for me if I do change it!

Fun Fact #347: September 11 flights are the cheapest! Who woulda thunk it! and you wanna know the price of a one way?.. yep you guessed it $911.. are they taking the mickey out of us or what!

End of September is Oktoberfest! so i HAVE to be overseas for that! this is my goal.. and I’m super excited to go! Another one to cross off my Bucket List! 😀

Oktoberfest Beer Wench

pshhh! I can totally do this…

Samantha xx