‘Tis the season to be jolly

Well Christmas has been and gone! (As much as I wanted to post on the day, it was all a bit hectic and my laziness got in the way). On a whole i’d say the holiday season was pretty good to me. Lots of drinking, friends, iphone raping and awesome presents from here and back home.

Christmas day was spent working, it was a pretty fun day considering. Got up early to make hot chocolates and open presents with my housemates then made our way to work dressed all pretty like in white shirts and dicky bows 🙂 listened to christmas carols, served food and drinks to customers, had a drink with work people, it was pretty chilled. Seeing as we spent christmas day working, we postponed our celebrations to the following day and had everyone over for an awesome Boxing Day Christmas Dinner. We drank (not enough), ate (too much) and played Twister, Thank God You’re Here and some random card games towards the end of the night accompanied by home made red wine!

New Years Eve was a let down, worked the close at work, celebrated by mopping the floor and cleaning the bar top… *sigh* i’d rather not get into it :/

It’s now 8th Jan (one day till my birthday :D) and I have a week off work to do whatever I want! Australia is suffering from a major heat wave with 41 degree heat, zero humidity and 80kph winds…. talk about a bushfire warning! Jeezus!

Stay safe Aussie Land! I’m gonna need you there for me when I get over this place!

Goodnight all xx


To be fair, with this amount of alcohol, we should have had a drunker christmas


I patted a reindeer in the middle of town >_<


Dressing all spiffy for Christmas Day


Boxing day! and a small percentage of the iPhone rapage


Manchester Christmas Markets


Warrington (specifically our driveway) on a cold, foggy December day
*photo courtesy of Mr. Black




3 weeks till christmas!

Not long now till my first (hopefully) white Christmas! It’s getting much colder and I’m still yet to purchase some weather appropriate clothing :/ I’ll go shopping the next day I have off I swear!

So I’ve been a bit lazy with the blogging but here’s what you’ve missed (I love how I direct these statements as though people actually read this)

So.much.dressing.up. decorated the pub with loads of spiderwebs, fake spiders, skulls.. it was awesome, dressed up as a devil and a zombie for work, had an awesome night out in Manchester with Emily and Andrew at a Zombie School Disco and did karaoke dressed as the undead 🙂 (I secretly love karaoke…. I have the voice of a fucking angel! :/ )


What do we want? Brainnnss. When do we want them? Brainnnnsss.

Beth’s adorable new addition to the family!

Sucks that I couldn’t be there for the birth of my besties baby, beautiful little Harper Grace Evans; but I’m happy to know that everything went smoothly and she is one healthy little bubba! Much love x


Visit from mah homies (or homos) Rajeev and Chelsea!

Chels stopped by Wazza on her road trip. Was good to catch up like old times, talk about how great it is to not be involved in the lesbian drama back in Syd, meet the awesome new gf Steph, get extremely wasted, dance all night and get called into work early for a 14 hour shift extremely hungover the next morning… ok maybe that part wasn’t that fun :/

Rajeev had a one night stopover in Manchester so I picked him up, checked out Primark and had a quick catchup dinner/drinks at mexican, pre drinks with Andrew then took him out for a messy messy night in Warrington for Jules bday which was strictly to end at 1am which turned out to b about 4 or 5 (musta been a fun flight for Jeeves the next morning!)


Ruckusing Primark 🙂

Getting ready for Christmas!

Fun night with the housemates listening to Christmas Carols, dressing up in elf hats, putting up the tree, decorating our flat and watching Love Actually