London we meet again

Seeing as my employment was pushed back a week due to pesky national insurance numbers and induction dates I decided to visit london again while I had the time off. Ahh London I love you!

First day predominantly involved a long ass bus ride (mainly due to my lack of planning in advance and last minute train tickets being super expensive) then straight to the pub for beers, meeting a few new people and catching up with old friends, which was a pretty good indication of how the rest of the weekend would go.

Second day was spent looking at the Camden markets, sitting in the sun drinking beers by the canal, seeing a couple of drug dealers get escorted away by the police and a long discussion on the difference between geese and ducks ha. I’ve been told Camden is the “Newtown” of London.. full of colourful personalities and alternative looking people and every second shop being (my fav) tattoo and piercing parlors! must. resist. tempation. Then after that, we moved onto The World’s End for more drinks – a pub with a highly varied collection of music consisting of heavy metal, punk rock, pop, jazz and blues and an equally varied collection of people. After a few hours of drinking, back home for… wait for it.. more beers! AND Pizza! 😀

Day 3 was mainly reserved for sleeping in and being hungover and then out for coffee in Brixton Markets and shopping in Carnaby Street. Then chilling and watching dvd’s for the rest of the night 🙂

The last day I killed time by walking around London by myself being a tourist and revisiting the main attractions, pretty much just to get some pretty pictures for mah blog 😛 Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the protestors in Parliament Square and then a little stroll across the Westminster Bridge to look at the River Thames and the London Eye. Then Back to Victoria Station for my long bus ride back to Manchester!

London. It’s been fun as always, I hope we meet again soon 😉 x

Camden Markets

Sitting by the Canal is apparently the “in” thing to do in Camden

The World’s End pub

Coffee in Brixton Markets

Carnaby Street shops

Chillin’ out the front of the Buckingham Palace like a loner

Garden’s in front of Buckingham Palace

Big Ben…I know we’ve all seen it before but I couldn’t not take a pic

And lastly! The Thames and the London Eye