Willkommen Zum Oktoberfest!

Making my way through my bucket list! Latest stop: Munich, Germany.

After 3 hrs sleep, the quickest bag packing ever, 2 trains, 1 flight, a quick stop to pick up Emily, 2 more trains and a busride, I arrive at Campingplatz Obermenzing, my new home for the next 3 nights.

So what’s the first thing to do when ur sleepy, really cold and have been travelling all day? Get drunk! (obviously). Not a huge night but big enough considering we were getting up 5 the next day :/ After trying as many different beers as we could we called it a night, well most of us did. I however, went to charge my phone at the giant 100 socket power board.. My options being 1. Leave the phone with a bunch of strangers, go to bed and get some much needed sleep, and quite possibly never see my phone again or 2. Stay with the phone, sit with the strangers and wait for it to slowly charge. I chose Option number 2, because of underlying trust issues. But hey I met a lot of people, a fair few from Oz, a couple from the UK and Germany and a bunch of insane Scottish boys where most of the conversation consisted of me going… “What? Say it again.. only slower“. At around 1:30am I called it a night after the Scottish boys found their long lost mate who greeted them by punching one guy in the face and tackling another knocking over a bunch of chairs. 82% was enough charge anyway.

Now I’m not exaggerating here… but this night was the coldest I have ever been in my entire life. Dressed in trackies, socks, 2 shirts, a jumper, and a scarf, wrapped in a sleeping bag, curled up in a little ball while trying to breathe hot air into my sleeping bag to warm myself up. I laid there shivering wishing I had taken up that offer on an extra blanket for 3 Euros until 5am hit and my alarm went off for breakfast. Oh god, no sleep. It’s gonna be a long day.

I get up, shower to warm myself the f*ck up and get ready for breakfast. It’s still dark when we get on the bus to Oktoberfest. By the time we get in to the grounds the sun has come up, we get in the line for our beer hall at about 7:30, we line up till 9am, yep, that’s an hour and a half of standing in a line. The doors open and everyone rushes in to get a table. You literally didn’t even have to take a step, just lift ur feet and get dragged in by the stampede. We find a table and beers are there within 5 mins. The fun begins! After about 4 litres of beer, some pretzels, a lot of singing, dancing on the tables, drunken conversations and a bunch of photos with people I don’t remember, we leave the beer hall to go on some rides!

Oktoberfest is essentially a giant Easter Show, but everyones drunk and dressed funny. We meet some interesting people and ate a bunch of super unhealthy German food. I don’t remember everything but we ended up back at the campsite where I stayed up with Ian and Sebastian talking about Canada and Germany and how insanely different they are to Australia. Did you know in Canada they have mist that freezes in the air cause it’s so cold and melts from your body heat when you walk through it, leaving a hollow line where you’ve walked? I don’t care who you are.. that’s awesome! and Sebastian lent me his blanket which meant he was my new favourite person cause I was like 1/2 as freezing that night and actually got some sleep!

The next day I decided to go into the city, see some sights and be a tourist and join the Oktoberfest festivities later. Having no idea what there really is to see in Munich I pretty much just walked around and got a feel for the city. I love getting lost in foreign countries (not even kidding). I found the Hofbrauhaus, a famous german beer hall, visited a toy museum, watched a german church sermon, had lunch in Marienplatz and saw the awesome Town Hall ‘Neues Rathaus‘, climbed the bell tower for a great view over the city, bought some souvenirs and looked around the markets and visited a Schokoladen to buy some yummy stuff for my housemates (and myself). After walking around for the majority of the day, I went back to the beer halls of Oktoberfest to get drunk and eat some more pretzels 🙂 I had some catching up to do so ended up getting quite drunk quite quickly! Decided to catch the 9pm bus back and continue drinking back at the campsite, however by the stage I got back to the campsite I realised I was drunker than I thought and decided passing out was a more appropriate option than continuing to drink. Plus I had another big day of travel the next day, back to Warrington!

Did I mention at some point I put a passcode lock on my phone in my drunken state and couldn’t use it for 2 days because I forgot the password… Yep, that happened. What a spastic.

The weekend was definitely lots of fun, but i’m not ready to do it again any time soon, I’m still paying for it now with a bunch of random bruises, some cuts and a head cold. Plus being at home in my own bed is freakin’ awesome and so WARM! I must be settling in well here coz I felt so relieved once I walked back into my house… apart from that whole spending hours working out how to fix my phone, but after that! so relieved.

Auf Wiedersehen! xx

Campingplatz Obermenzing, my freezing cold home in Munich!

First beers!

so much beer.

I don’t even really like pretzels that much, but I had to get one!

This guys shirt was made from bar towels! Awesome.


Cuckoo clocks! First created over 280 years ago in Southwest Germany

Michaelskirche, the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps

Town Hall or ‘Neues Rathaus’ and Marienplatz from Peterskirche Bell Tower