Work, schmerk

Just an update on work life. Was enjoying working at the recruitment agency and having a 9-5 job and getting decent sleep for once! And although not my DREAM job, it paid the bills! Unfortunately the company kinda went bust and all the newish staff were let go. So with 2 months left on my visa and not really sure what the future held for me, I found myself jobless again!

Back on the job hunt I went. With about 4 interviews in the first few days of looking I thought I’d be sweet. Turns out people don’t like hiring a foreigner with 2 months left on their visa.. who’da thought it!

So I looked for something a bit more casual and handed my CV in around town. Managed to land myself not 1, but 2 new jobs. I’ve got myself working for a Catering & Events company and a small bar in town. 1st gig for the Events company was Chester races. LOVE Chester and loved the races. The atmosphere was awesome and it sure tested my pint pouring ability. I think we made 20K in about 4 hours just at our bar! The other job is more of a cocktail bar, so its trickier than my last pub job but way more fun and laid back. They even have a sauna in the back corner where you can chill and have a few drinks! (not a working sauna of course.. sweatin’ your makeup off on a night out is not my idea of fun). So as you can see below, i’m FULLY trained in making zombies, a cherry fizz, long island ice teas and white russians ;P and the boss even joined me to taste test them after my shift.

Still bummed about losing my 9-5 but liking my jobs at the moment and liking the variety. Shoulda left that damn Wetherspoons over a year ago!