Officially a Flighty

coffee mapAfter 3 long stressful weeks of training I finally graduated a flighty. I’m now working for Flight Centre and have made it through 6 weeks in store and going pretty well with it actually!

I’ve always loved travelling and talking about travel and now it’s part of my job. It’s not an easy job and can be extremely stressful at times, but I get to talk about what I love and find out more about the world every day. My team is awesome and I’m finally working close to home.

The downside has to be my travel bucket list just keeps on getting longer. Iceland, Peru, Nepal, Hawaii, Tanzania, I wanna do it all! There’s not enough annual leave in a year!

My next trip is currently in the planning stage. Brugge, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest 🙂 🙂


End of an era

Well. It’s over.

I find myself sitting in Gloria jeans in Cronulla having a cup of tea and wondering where the last 2 years have gone.

I remember getting my visa application and all those pesky supporting documents together like it was yesterday. Waiting (not so patiently) for my letter to arrive in the mail to find out whether or not I would be going to the UK, then jumping on a plane by myself having never even visited the town I was moving to.

I was determined to do something on my own, completely for myself and I did it. Yes I ran into some roadblocks along the way and met some not so nice people. But that doesn’t compare to how many wonderful people I did meet and the good times I had. By the end I thought I would be dying to go home – which to some extent I was.. But seeing my old friends and family meant leaving the new ones I had made which seemed to take away some of the excitement of going back home. What made it harder this time around was knowing I may never come back for anything more than a holiday.

All in all, it was worth it 100% and I would recommend to everyone that living abroad at some stage in their life is one of the most rewarding things you can do but also one of the hardest.

On that note, I leave you with a quote I read the other day that perfectly sums up how I feel.

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place “

Work, schmerk

Just an update on work life. Was enjoying working at the recruitment agency and having a 9-5 job and getting decent sleep for once! And although not my DREAM job, it paid the bills! Unfortunately the company kinda went bust and all the newish staff were let go. So with 2 months left on my visa and not really sure what the future held for me, I found myself jobless again!

Back on the job hunt I went. With about 4 interviews in the first few days of looking I thought I’d be sweet. Turns out people don’t like hiring a foreigner with 2 months left on their visa.. who’da thought it!

So I looked for something a bit more casual and handed my CV in around town. Managed to land myself not 1, but 2 new jobs. I’ve got myself working for a Catering & Events company and a small bar in town. 1st gig for the Events company was Chester races. LOVE Chester and loved the races. The atmosphere was awesome and it sure tested my pint pouring ability. I think we made 20K in about 4 hours just at our bar! The other job is more of a cocktail bar, so its trickier than my last pub job but way more fun and laid back. They even have a sauna in the back corner where you can chill and have a few drinks! (not a working sauna of course.. sweatin’ your makeup off on a night out is not my idea of fun). So as you can see below, i’m FULLY trained in making zombies, a cherry fizz, long island ice teas and white russians ;P and the boss even joined me to taste test them after my shift.

Still bummed about losing my 9-5 but liking my jobs at the moment and liking the variety. Shoulda left that damn Wetherspoons over a year ago!


Take me home, to a place I belongggg

Ok it’s been one whole year since I packed up and left Sydney along with all my friends and family. I gotta say, I’m proud of myself for actually having the balls to do it, I’ve enjoyed the majority of my time here and the experiences I’ve had but nothing beats home, and I’m starting to realise that more and more each day.

I’ve had to move out of my last place I was living and am now in a share house just outside town. And while I’ve done that before back in Sydney, moved in with complete strangers, I had an awesome time… here, it’s a little different. Here, everyone stays in their rooms, no one watches tv or hangs in the loungeroom, no one has friends over or has a bbq on the weekend or a couple of beers in the backyard. I’m living with 3 guys and apparently that also means no one cleans, no one takes the rubbish out and no one buys anything for the house. I don’t know whether I’m trying to hold on to the Australian lifestyle and it’s just a different ball game over here or my housemates are either highly anti-social or literally just hate me. But it’s not the best place i’ve lived in.. to put it lightly.

My job here has always been just a way to get money (and not much of it). I’ve always been on the lookout for new jobs, something a little more fulfilling, normal hours, I like a bit of routine! Now my job feels like that’s the escape and my home life is the prison (slightly dramatic, but you get the point). I’ve never had that before. I almost feel like if I’m not at work, it’s like.. what am I doing with my life?

My job is great for taking time off, if I wanted to go to Spain for a long weekend. I could get the time off, the joys of casual work! But, turns out – the wages here pretty much give me enough money to pay rent, then maybe buy a family size pack of 2 minute noodles to last me the week. (Again, little dramatic hah) but kinda ruined my plans to travel the world! Just slightly..

Bottom line is, I miss everything. A LOT.  And i’d rather be back in OZ earning enough to travel a couple of times a year then over here, living paycheck to paycheck with not much in between.  I miss home, I miss family, I miss friends, I miss catching the lightrail to work in the mornings, watching the sunset over Anzac bridge , sitting in the botanical gardens for lunch, getting up at 5am for the gym, going out for drinks on Oxford st after work, Thai in Newtown, having a bucket of coronas at Beach Burrito, sitting at Sushi Train in Cronulla, Sunday Soccer and ‘porto’s in the park afterwards, tanning at Darook park on the weekends and getting Grind and walking along the esplanade. I miss it all. Everyday.

Rant over.

We are Family

After returning from Egypt I had the best present ever to come home to! A visit from my family 🙂

Below are some piccies from our trip to Wales, I miss having them here already!

Couldn’t possibly love these lot more, they are the anchor that keeps me grounded <333


Picnic lunch by the River Dee, Wales


Rock skimming competition between the boys


Feeding the ducklings


My little bro on the walk back after lunch

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Well Christmas has been and gone! (As much as I wanted to post on the day, it was all a bit hectic and my laziness got in the way). On a whole i’d say the holiday season was pretty good to me. Lots of drinking, friends, iphone raping and awesome presents from here and back home.

Christmas day was spent working, it was a pretty fun day considering. Got up early to make hot chocolates and open presents with my housemates then made our way to work dressed all pretty like in white shirts and dicky bows 🙂 listened to christmas carols, served food and drinks to customers, had a drink with work people, it was pretty chilled. Seeing as we spent christmas day working, we postponed our celebrations to the following day and had everyone over for an awesome Boxing Day Christmas Dinner. We drank (not enough), ate (too much) and played Twister, Thank God You’re Here and some random card games towards the end of the night accompanied by home made red wine!

New Years Eve was a let down, worked the close at work, celebrated by mopping the floor and cleaning the bar top… *sigh* i’d rather not get into it :/

It’s now 8th Jan (one day till my birthday :D) and I have a week off work to do whatever I want! Australia is suffering from a major heat wave with 41 degree heat, zero humidity and 80kph winds…. talk about a bushfire warning! Jeezus!

Stay safe Aussie Land! I’m gonna need you there for me when I get over this place!

Goodnight all xx


To be fair, with this amount of alcohol, we should have had a drunker christmas


I patted a reindeer in the middle of town >_<


Dressing all spiffy for Christmas Day


Boxing day! and a small percentage of the iPhone rapage


Manchester Christmas Markets


Warrington (specifically our driveway) on a cold, foggy December day
*photo courtesy of Mr. Black



3 weeks till christmas!

Not long now till my first (hopefully) white Christmas! It’s getting much colder and I’m still yet to purchase some weather appropriate clothing :/ I’ll go shopping the next day I have off I swear!

So I’ve been a bit lazy with the blogging but here’s what you’ve missed (I love how I direct these statements as though people actually read this)

So.much.dressing.up. decorated the pub with loads of spiderwebs, fake spiders, skulls.. it was awesome, dressed up as a devil and a zombie for work, had an awesome night out in Manchester with Emily and Andrew at a Zombie School Disco and did karaoke dressed as the undead 🙂 (I secretly love karaoke…. I have the voice of a fucking angel! :/ )


What do we want? Brainnnss. When do we want them? Brainnnnsss.

Beth’s adorable new addition to the family!

Sucks that I couldn’t be there for the birth of my besties baby, beautiful little Harper Grace Evans; but I’m happy to know that everything went smoothly and she is one healthy little bubba! Much love x


Visit from mah homies (or homos) Rajeev and Chelsea!

Chels stopped by Wazza on her road trip. Was good to catch up like old times, talk about how great it is to not be involved in the lesbian drama back in Syd, meet the awesome new gf Steph, get extremely wasted, dance all night and get called into work early for a 14 hour shift extremely hungover the next morning… ok maybe that part wasn’t that fun :/

Rajeev had a one night stopover in Manchester so I picked him up, checked out Primark and had a quick catchup dinner/drinks at mexican, pre drinks with Andrew then took him out for a messy messy night in Warrington for Jules bday which was strictly to end at 1am which turned out to b about 4 or 5 (musta been a fun flight for Jeeves the next morning!)


Ruckusing Primark 🙂

Getting ready for Christmas!

Fun night with the housemates listening to Christmas Carols, dressing up in elf hats, putting up the tree, decorating our flat and watching Love Actually


Settling in to my new home

Almost a week into my stay in Warrington, UK and i’m loving it so far! I brought the Sydney weather with me that’s for sure, we’ve had perfect weather since I landed last Thursday. Thongs and sunnies all the way.

Phone was easy as pie to setup, bank account was about 99% done before I left Oz so all it took was a meeting with the bank and BAM I can get my first pay check!

Of course I will need to be working for that to happen.. which, if all goes to plan will start next week! The Looking Glass, the pub I’ll be working at is super cute and I’m assuming will be pretty much a second home to me… I’ve been there about 5 times already and I haven’t even started working there yet!

So far my time here has been spent meeting for coffee, shopping, drinking, too much pub food, train rides, bus rides and more drinking. Oh and Blackpool which is pretty much an entire town devoted to amusement parks, and a promenade complete with piers, ferris wheels, trams, arcades, fish & chip shops and LOTS of fairy lights.

Hopefully visiting friends in London this weekend before I become a working girl 😉


Rhode Island Coffee – where the magic begins

The Looking Glass – isn’t it cute!

The Barley Mow pub in Golden Square


One of the piers at sunset

The Trafford Centre, Manchester – most amazing shopping centre ever

Their food court was Titanic themed! Amazing!

It’s official. I’m going to the UK!


YES! Finally it arrived! My visa has been approved! Maybe tonight I’ll be able to sleep!

I’m sad to be leaving my friends and family (and tbh the most beautiful country in the world) but I’m sooooo excited to be going overseas, a new environment, new people, new opportunities and new adventures! 😀 😀 😀

Still lots to do and not much time to do it in! Did my voting this morning, and spent the day with my pop(coolest guy I know) and spent the night getting rid of everything that I own that I won’t be taking with me. Tomorrow dealing with travel insurance, gym memberships, bank accounts.. the list goes on.

8 days left and counting! eeeeeeeeee 😀


Visas, flights and being impatient

Well! My UK Visa Application has been officially sent off. What a stressful endeavour that has been!

After being told that it would help my application to have a letter from my friend in the UK stating where I’m staying and that I have a job to go to (and waiting approx 6 weeks to receive it, with no luck might I add) I’m told by the visa company doing my application for me “actually we’ll just leave that bit out” UGHH! Thank you for not informing me of that originally…

This therefore meant my bank statements were now out of date and I had to go and get new ones. After getting all of that ready, next step was my biometrics appointment (fingerprints and mug shot.. like a true criminal!), which I couldn’t make just yet because drunk sam decided to nearly slice her finger off while making a sandwich… having a cut across the tip of your finger makes it a little difficult to take a proper scan. I’m all about the timing huh! But FINALLY it is all done! So I can put it all behind me and now is the fun part where I wait… not so patiently.. to hear back from the UK Border Agency whether my application has been approved or not! *fingers crossed!*

I did have a Sep 5th flight on hold but I’m thinking I will have to make it a little later! Lucky my good friend Emma works at a travel agency and she’s been helping me out with booking flights and can drop that pesky little deposit fee for me if I do change it!

Fun Fact #347: September 11 flights are the cheapest! Who woulda thunk it! and you wanna know the price of a one way?.. yep you guessed it $911.. are they taking the mickey out of us or what!

End of September is Oktoberfest! so i HAVE to be overseas for that! this is my goal.. and I’m super excited to go! Another one to cross off my Bucket List! 😀

Oktoberfest Beer Wench

pshhh! I can totally do this…

Samantha xx