Spoke too soon!

Maybe my post about everything just falling into place and my health finally improving was a bit premature… after just 2 and a half days at my new job I found myself ill enough to be submitted to hospital (nice timing Sam!).

Midnight Friday the 13th(how appropriate) I find myself writhing in pain in the ER of Sutherland Hospital with glands the size of tennis balls and swelling down to my sternum, all a lovely shade of strawberry red. After undergoing an ECG, a CT scan, dose of anti inflammatory steroids, antibiotics and morphine through a drip in my arm, a camera down my nose and giving about 6 viles of blood for testing – i hear the reassuring words from the doctor.. “I have no idea what’s wrong with you”. Niiiiiice!

I’m kept in the ER for what I think will be till the next morning, 4 days later I’m finally released. Still no idea what was wrong with me, and still feeling pretty shite and swollen tbh. Note to self: Don’t get fat. It does NOT suit me!

So 2 different types of antibiotics, 3 times a day, and hopefully all will be back on track and I can get back to work!! Slight hiccup but life goes on! [I’ve attached some pretty pictures for you, hope u like needles!]

Peace xx

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